Recovery, Opportunity and Hope

Recovery Educational Services , Inc. (RES) is a non-profit organizaion dedicated to providing those in recovery with every resource available to assist them in achieving success, maintaining their sobriety, and reb uilding their lives.

RES helps men in recovery from alcoholism and/or drug addiction improve their health, restore their family relationships, and stabilize their lives.

RES is a residential facility commited to the recovery community for men.
At RES, we understand that through addiction careers are destroyed, families are shattered, finances are in ruins, shelter is lacking, legal issues are pending, friends are scarce, and hope is gone. 

RES provides its residents with a safe environment. RES gives residents the guidance, direction , and the support.
RES sets its residents on the road to recovery!

The primary purpose of RES is to maintain a safe, sober environment. 

Recovery Educational Services

2597-259 9-2601 Washington Street
Roxbury, MA 02119