Recovery, Opportunity and Hope

At RES, we understand that the compulsion to drink and the obsession to use drugs comes with a heavy price for the user. The wreckage and the damage as a result of addiction can be overwhelming to an addict when leaving rehabilitation. In order to soften the impact of feeling overwhelmed, RES Sober Homes has many services to offer to all residents.


  • ​Job Search Assisance
  • Temporary Work Referrals
  • Day-Labor Opportunities
  • Permanent Job Placement
  • Resume Writing Assistance

  • Mass Healh Enrollmen & Insurance Options
  • Medical treatmen Referral Options
  • Mehadone Clinic ReferralsĀ 
  • Suboxone Clinic Referrals
  • Prima Care Physician Referrals
  • Outpatient Counseling Referrals
  • Health Club Membership Discounts

  • Transitional Assistance Benefits Secured
  • Food Stamp Benefits Secured
  • Bedding and Clothing Donations Provided
  • Guidance in Obtaining Mass IDs and Photo IDs

  • Probation Matters Addressed
  • Court Appearances
  • Resolving Open Warrants & Open Cases
  • Performance of Community Service Obligations
RES also makes referrals to other affiliates in the sober housing industry for those seeking sober housing outside of Boston.