Recovery, Opportunity and Hope

RES is a sober house for men who are working on rebuilding their lives in recovery after rehab. RES​ provides a smooth transisition and an intermediate phase from a controlled treatment environment and the challenges of the real world.

leases three (3) townhouses located on one site in Boston. Public Transportation is readily available outside our front doors, from Dudley station, making the entire city of Boston readily accessible!
Residents at RES share the responsibiliies of running the household amoungst themselves as a single housekeeping unit. Each house has a common living room area, dining area, kitchen, four to five bedooms and two and a half baths.

Each kitchen is fully equipped with a dining area, modern appliances, granit counetops and hardwood floors. In addition, RES provides each individual household with cable television and Wireless Internet Sevice (WIFI). Also, each home has a front porch area as well as a back patio wih barbeque faciliies and outdoor lounge chairs available.

  • 1) Transition as part of Recovery
    We understand that for most individuals staying clean and sober after rehab is hard. Although many are successful and continue to stay clean, virtually no one has done it with ease as they encounter obstacles or have some slips along the way.
    RES Sober Homes provide a smooth transition between a controlled rehab environment and the challenges of the real worl - a critical step as they complete rehab. 

  • 2) Isolation and Boredom Triggers
    After completing rehab, addicts can encounter uncomfortable solitary situations especially with the network of friends prior to going to rehab. With that said, isolaion along with boredom are very common triggers for the addict in recovery upon leaving rehab. 
    RES Sober Homes provide an addict in recovery with an active social atmosphere as they transition out of treatment. The drug and alcohol free environment reinforces the ideal sober environment with the social aspect to aid in continued sobriety. 

  • 3) Discipline
    The RES Sober Homes and the day to day responsibilities of general 'housekeeping' are shared amongst the residents as mentioned above. In addition, the residents are expected to follow a set of rules that, although are more relaxed than those rules within a treatment/rehab center, are in place to help to reinforce recovery. For example, intoxicating substances are strictly forbidden. The continued discipline is important aspect for continued sobriety.

  • 4) Support to Your Recovery
    Nearly everyone associated with sober living homes either is in recovery or is a substance abuse treatment professional. This means that as a resident of RES you will always have your network of support within close reach; one of the most important reasons for transitioning imto a sober house. The 24-hour availability of other residents and staff, who are dedicated to sober living,, is a valuable resource.